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Model's Stats

  • Name: Abby Marie
  • Body Type: Athletic former gymnast
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Bust Size: B
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The stunning muscle model Abby Marie

Abby Marie is back again and this time the gorgeous muscle model has made it up on to the rooftop to put of her spectacular performance. It is just turning dusk as Abby Marie starts her shoot wearing a spandex bikini top and matching hot pants and wearing some rather horny piggy tails in her long blonde hair. Her beautiful bronzed body has been pre oiled and glimmers in the light. Wow this girl looks so damn hot and sexy! The grey industrial backdrop really accentuates all of her fine features, and believe me, this stunning muscle model certainly has plenty of them. From her beautiful face with her big dark come to bed eyes, her strong jaw and cheekbones and her enormous white smile, down to her ample firm breasts, her sexy shoulders and back and not forgetting her superiorly toned stomach, some of the best and well defined abs I have ever seen. And then of course you have her long muscly but shapely legs, finished off with the most amazing ass that is big and firm but still has that womanly wobble. The night is getting darker now and in order for the shoot to carry on the producer brings out a big spot light. This gives a spectacular effect of light and shadow as the sumptuous muscle model pulls a number of poses, the light really helping to reveal each and every one of her stunning muscles in all their glory. She changes position now, standing in the corner of the rooftop against a stark white wall. The light now bouncing against the whitewashed wall and making her skin take on a deep bronze glow. It really is not difficult to imagine that instead of a muscle model, you have an beautiful Amazonian warrior princess standing before you now.