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Model's Stats

  • Name: Anna Cervantes
  • Body Type: Fit and Busty
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Bust Size: C
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Anna Cervantes on the beach

Anna Cervantes looks stunning as she walks onto the beach in her green bikini to put on her sexy muscle display. This girl has it all, a nice face, a lovely womanly figure, a fantastic pair big firm breasts and some serious muscle to top it all off. As she stands on the sand with her bare feet against a backdrop of crisp blue sky, she sways her body gently from side to side in time to the music and carries out her slow, sensual and very seductive dance. She tenses every single muscle in her tight body from her shoulders, biceps and triceps, down to her abs and then right the way down to those long sexy legs with her thighs of steel. The movements are very deliberate, each one designed to not only show off her pumped muscle but also to entice you in, to make you want her and to want to make you want to see more. Her hands run up through her long blonde hair and then move downwards, using both hands she slowly caresses every single part of her sexy muscular body, her hands gliding easily over her pre oiled and totally flawless sun kissed skin. Anna Cervantes has invested so much time in getting her physique just the way she wants it. Her many hours in the gym though have really paid off, she boasts some serious muscle but still retains all of her womanly curves. This is a woman of perfection and as Anna Cervantes puts on her sexy muscle display, she certainly looks very comfortable in front of the camera. She is a woman who is perfectly happy with each and every aspect of her body and she knows all the right movements to drive men wild and leave them begging for more.