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Model's Stats

  • Name: Brandi Mae
  • Body Type: Body Builder
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Bust Size: -1
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Ripped honey Brandi Mae

Description: For any true fan of muscular models then ripped honey Brandi Mae is a girl you are going to love. She is muscular and toned with her legs some of the best defined around. She looks so powerful and so hot as she showers and records it for our pleasure. Wearing just a purple top the first thing we notice is Brandi's perfectly shaved pussy as smooth as can be. Next we are treated to a view of her amazing big clit, so exaggerated and large it draws in the eye. Brandi dances as the waters spills across her body, her tanned skin glistening as the water flows across her muscles and runs through her locks of curly hair. She turns around to reveal her hot ass, it is muscular and firm and looks so sexy with the water flowing. Her back and legs complete this part of the video, again, toned and defined, they look amazing. She turns back around and her smile broadens as her hands wander up to her top. It gets wetter and wetter from the shower water and we notice a small rip at the top. Brandi squeezes her breasts together before flexing the muscles in her arms then rubbing her hands tenderly over the now soaking wet fabric. She lifts the top up, teasing us that we will get sight of her tits, before letting it fall back down and instead grabbing the hold of the neckline with her hands. In a stunning conclusion her powerful arms rip the fabric open, revealing her pierced nipple and firm round tits. Brandi Mae really is one powerful woman, the way she ripped her clothes off, adding to that view. As she finishes the shower we can just stop and admire her form and thank her for sharing her amazing body with us.