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Model's Stats

  • Name: Brigita Brezovac
  • Body Type: Body Builder
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Bust Size: C
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Brigita puts on a delightful show

If you are a muscle worship fan of if indeed you just like the thought of a girl who can hold their own then you are in for a real treat as the Slovenian beauty Brigita Brezovac puts on an amazing show of power and muscle. The IFBB Pro female bodybuilder has been hitting weights since she was just 14 years old and you can tell that all her hard work and strict workout routine has paid off as all you muscle worship fans look at her amazing physique and stunning muscle structure in this half dance, half posing routine. There is something quite beautiful about Brigita Brezovac, not just the muscle but also the way she looks, she looks perfectly happy and content with her body which is portrayed with a look of confidence and that is definitely an attractive trait in all women. She smiles and looks directly into the camera as she slowly moves her body in time to the music, taking it in turns to show each and every one of her powerful muscles. She starts off with her upper body with particular emphasis on her arms, her biceps, triceps and deltoids bulge as she pumps her arms. Then the attention moves down to her legs and when she tenses these they quite literally seem to take on a life of their own with muscle upon muscle upon muscle. This girl has some serious muscles which would put a good many of her male bodybuilder counterparts to shame but to achieve this takes many years hard work, a strict workout regime and lots of sacrifices, there are no Big Macs on the menu for this muscle worship babe! So then all you muscle worship guys out there, what are you waiting for, get yourselves over to the memberís area now where lots of sexy girls with big bulging muscles waiting for you , right now!