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Model's Stats

  • Name: Gina Jones
  • Body Type: Body Builder
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Bust Size: E
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Muscular Blonde Gina Jones

Seeing Gina Jones' ripped and oiled body at the start of this clip is enough to make any muscle babe fan go weak at the knees. Posing in a loose green gym top and a tiny black thong, Gina's muscle structure and hours of hard work at the gym are plain to see. The oil on her skin helps to enhance the muscle definition and she plays on this as she rubs her hands over her body, flexing her arms as she does. She slide her top up to reveal her perfect pair of tits, oiled up and firm. More poses follow with the true definition of this muscular babes body structure plain to see. Below her waste we can just make out the smallest shock of public hair, poking out of her tiny thong, that only hints at the joys within. This really is a sensual and sensitive woman but possessing pure power. The way that Gina pulls poses we are left in no doubt that this is one superior woman, toned and defined in every way, with a body that teases and tantalises as well as impresses. She is very comfortable and confident when showing off her form and this translates so well through the camera as the film maker captures her muscular beauty. Her poses tell of many years of hard work and dedication to achieve such a stunning look and it would be disrespectful to her not to marvel at her muscle structure. Without doubt Gina Jones cuts a stunning figure, with arms that exude strength and toning, masterfully defined abs and yet a cute and firm yet totally womanly pair of tits that give her a look of charm and beauty with power and strength. A true beauty of a muscle model.