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Model's Stats

  • Name: Megan Avalon
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Bust Size: DD
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Toned body of beautiful Megan Avalon

If you like your Muscle Models to be toned and defined without being too muscle bound then the beautiful and sexy blonde hottie Megan Avalon will be just the girl for you. She manages to carry off a look that is all muscle but without a single hint of masculinity, her body defined, with her muscles toned and easy to identify, without her being so ripped that the muscles define her. In this great clip she is posing in a white micro bikini, her toned and tanned skin looking delicious as it has just been oiled. She has in her hand a hosepipe which is running water from the end. She allows this water to cascade down her toned body, falling across her perfect boobs and down between her legs, leaving little droplet of moisture on her oiled skin. As her body gets wetter, her muscles become more defined and she looks absolutely amazing. Megan then pulls the cups of her micro bikini bra aside to reveal a perfect pair of firm tits, her nipples erect, maybe from the cold water, or possibly from the thought of what her actions may be doing to you! Her hands wander down her toned body to her panties and she turns around to show us her ass, it is sensational, again toned without being all about the muscle. She pulls her panties down which does not affect the view of her ass but when she turn around, we get the first glimpse of her beautiful, shaved and tight pussy. The glimpse turns to a lingering look as the water falls down her body and runs seductively between her pussy lips. This is such a great view that the camera focuses in on it, giving us a chance to really see Megan in all her shaven glory. If you like a model who is all woman, but with a sexy toned body, then Megan Avalon is sure to become a firm favourite.