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Model's Stats

  • Name: Roseanne
  • Body Type: Lean & Muscular
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Bust Size: C
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Roseanne shows off her ripped body

Today we present you with the awesome ripped body of the beautiful and magnificent Roseanne. Wearing a micro bikini she begins to rub her breasts. Her powerful arms reach up to stroke and slide over her nipples, still concealed within the skimpy fabric. Using her muscle ridden arms she squeezes her sexy tits together which has the effect of exposing her nipples slightly, she continues along this line for a short while. The camera pans back to show Roseanne in all her glory. Her amazing abs below her tits are a high point but our eyes are drawn lower towards her tiny panties. She slips a thumb in the side and pulls the thin red string outwards exposing a tiny yet tantalising amount of her tanned and oiled flesh. Her other hand returns to her breast and rubs in a circular motion before her other hand joins it and she slides the top up over her tits. She rubs on her nipples before turning around with her back towards us. We are now greeted by Roseanne's awesome ass that she present it to the camera, dissected by the red material of her tiny tong. Her back is muscled and toned but her ass is round and feminine. Her hands slide either side of her panties and she starts to peel them down. Even though the panties are only covering a tiny amount of her flesh, the seductive reveal is a true masterpiece. Her smooth hairless pussy can clearly be glimpsed and is only just contained by the pretty panties. She pulls the panties up and gets back to the assets that have taken all of the work. Her arms are flexed to show awesome hard, firm and defined biceps in each arm. Roseanne is one hell of a woman, her sexy eyes, awesome tits and delicious ass are perfectly complemented by her stunning physique, the products of many, many hours of hard gym work.