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Model's Stats

  • Name: Yvette Bova
  • Body Type: Body Builder
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Bust Size: C
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Stunning black muscle model Yvette Bova

If you want to see one of the best black muscle models around then you should look no further than Yvette Bova. She is a muscle bound Amazonian goddess with the biggest and sexiest pair of tits of any female body builder I have ever seen. In this clip she is wearing a tiny pink bikini that has no hope of containing her massive tits. Instead they are fully on view, round and firm with huge nipples and shining from the oil that she has rubbed on them. If I didn't know any better I would swear that this babes tits have muscles of their own! If it is possible, and believe me it is difficult, to take your eyes away from her sexy tits then you should take a look at the muscles in her arms. This girl is ripped and I mean ripped, her arms are full of the best defined and most stunningly structured biceps you could ever expect to see. She obviously knows this as she flexes them time after time. The stunning black muscle model has oil on her arms as well as her massive tits, which helps us to really appreciate her magnificent physique. The amazing thing about Yvette Bova is that she has gained such a stunning physique, given the size and weight of her breasts. The way that Yvette's body is sculpted means that she has spent many hours over many weeks in the gym, toning and training to build, define and maintain her muscles. This is additionally impressive when you think of how she must have been hampered by her huge assets. The actual mechanics of using some of the standard gym equipment is difficult to fathom, but she has done it, and boy has she done it well! This is really one impressive black muscle model, if you like your girls black, ripped and with impressive tits, then Yvette Bova is your girl.